Day 50

Sometimes I struggle because I do not hear or feel my intuition. It is simply silent. My initial response is to become anxious and try to figure out why I can’t hear anything. But anxiety, fear and control just make me feel more disconnected and detached from my intuitive self. So instead of responding with … More Day 50

Day 49

It is unlikely that you will live a life problem free, even after you’ve been renewed. Infact, I find that the more renewed and spiritually connected I become, the messier life gets. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? The fact of the matter is that when you choose to walk a spiritual path and live a spiritual … More Day 49

Day 48

Have you ever felt stuck in anger? I have and I can honestly tell you that it took years of my life. It contributed to broken relationships, weight gain, depression and isolation. It kept me from being able to enjoy what was in front of me. Anger consumed my mind, body and soul. It took … More Day 48