Day 40

What do you think of when you hear the word grace?  To me grace is the act of loving without judgement or expectation; it is allowing another person to be who they are regardless of who I think they should and should not be.  A person can give grace to another human being and they can receive … More Day 40

Day 39

I learned about the benefits of meditation in graduate school. I believe we briefly discussed meditation in one of my classes. We may have even tried it. Meditation was something we skimmed over, but something that always sparked my attention. Meditation is the act of focusing the brain on the here and now. It was something I … More Day 39

Day 38

What do you think of when you hear the word prayer? For many, prayer consists of recited words that were learned as a child. Some people hear the word prayer and immediately shut down from the idea of praying because it triggers years of religious baggage.  But for most of us, prayer is how we … More Day 38

Day 37

Take a moment to reflect on your story. Who are you? What was your life like growing up? What memories impacted who you are today, what you believe and what you expect of yourself and others? How do those expectations affect your life choices? My story consists of a series of memories that start with … More Day 37

Day 36

The day I chose to live spiritually was the day I stopped fighting life. The day I chose to trust and have faith was the day I stopped trying to figure everything out. The day I chose to live for God was the day I found purpose and meaning. The day I chose to love … More Day 36

Day 35

During our faith-building journey, we may experience a stage of bargaining where we experience a back and forth conversation in our minds regarding the existence and power God has in our lives. We have doubts and therefore bargain back and forth God’s presence and existence. We also experience moments where we acknowledge the existence of … More Day 35

Day 34

During our faith building journey, we often struggle to understand God’s ways. When we begin to have a relationship with God, we start to question why things are the way they are. We question why the world is suffering and why evil things happen. I don’t know about you, but for me, the answers to … More Day 34

Day 33

One of the very first stages of surrender is denial. Half the people I meet with struggle to surrender or let go of a problem is because they do not believe in the existence of a Higher Power. They do not understand God and cannot see Him, therefore they do not believe. While I’ve always … More Day 33

Day 32

I believe we are all co-dependent in some ways. We rely and depend on people places and things to make us happy and when they fail, we get upset. Breaking free from co-dependency meant building healthy relationships without relying or depending on others to fulfill or make me happy. It meant letting go or setting … More Day 32

Day 31

My first encounter with God was in a private school and Catholic church growing up. I grew up learning many misconceptions about God and was not taught in my religion how to have a relationship with Him. I was, however, taught what to do and what not to do to earn His love. As I … More Day 31