Day 50

Sometimes I struggle because I do not hear or feel my intuition. It is simply silent. My initial response is to become anxious and try to figure out why I can’t hear anything. But anxiety, fear and control just make me feel more disconnected and detached from my intuitive self. So instead of responding with … More Day 50

Day 49

It is unlikely that you will live a life problem free, even after you’ve been renewed. Infact, I find that the more renewed and spiritually connected I become, the messier life gets. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? The fact of the matter is that when you choose to walk a spiritual path and live a spiritual … More Day 49

Day 48

Have you ever felt stuck in anger? I have and I can honestly tell you that it took years of my life. It contributed to broken relationships, weight gain, depression and isolation. It kept me from being able to enjoy what was in front of me. Anger consumed my mind, body and soul. It took … More Day 48

Day 47

Life is so incredibly busy. Our culture has taught us to be on the go every minute and every second of the day. We feel selfish or lazy when we take a moment to stop and give ourselves rest. But what happens when we cannot go anymore? The answer for me is that I break … More Day 47

Day 46

Knowledge is incredibly powerful. I spend a lot of time during sessions teaching and educating clients about their struggles. I find that education can answer questions and help us to understand why or how something is done, which can relieve us from the pressure, guilt and shame that we may put on ourselves. Education can … More Day 46

Day 45

Gratitude allows us to shift our negative perspective to a perspective of thankfulness. It allows us to see the world through spiritual eyes. Practicing gratitude does not minimize our hurts, but instead allows us to see the blessings that come from our hurts. It is the act of shifting our focus from the negative to … More Day 45

Day 44

It’s been my experience that we have three basic life purposes: a universal purpose, a communal purpose and personal purpose. A universal purpose answers the question “what and why” with regard to the purpose of our human existence. A communal purpose answers the questions “who, when, and where” with regard to the purpose of our … More Day 44

Day 43

We live our lives either fighting for happiness or avoiding the pain of failed expectations; therefore we live our lives in survival. Living in a constant state of fight or flight is living in a constant state of stress. Life is crazy! Let’s just face the hard core facts right now. We are living to … More Day 43

Day 42

We all encounter stress in our lives. Stress can lead to feeling anxious, depressed or both. It can lead to addictive behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, or food. It can have a negative effect on relationships with family, friends or partners. It’s been my experience that stress can and will build up over … More Day 42

Day 41

Have you ever done something you were not proud of? Do you have parts about yourself that you just cannot bare to reveal with others? I think most of us can answer yes to this question. There are many parts of who I am today that I am still not proud of. They include ego … More Day 41