Day 50


Sometimes I struggle because I do not hear or feel my intuition. It is simply silent. My initial response is to become anxious and try to figure out why I can’t hear anything. But anxiety, fear and control just make me feel more disconnected and detached from my intuitive self. So instead of responding with fear or control, I allow the silence. I acknowledge that sometimes God is quiet. Sometimes He wants me to simply rest in His presence.

It has been quiet lately. My inner self is still and it makes me feel uncomfortable. Intuitively I know that there is so much more on my path to do, but I cannot connect to find out what that next step is.

So what do we do when we feel disconnected or detached from our inner self?

When this happens to me, I remind myself that it will not last forever. I do a mind, body, spirit scan to see what might be off and then I pay more attention to my self-care, making it a priority. Chances are that either something is off or God is telling me to rest. Then I wait patiently for energy to shift. I rest until I can hear that small voice again.

For Today

Take a moment to do a quick mind, body, spirit scan of self. Be sure to take note of what might be off. Make self-care a priority, especially if you recognize that one area is off, to help you to reconnect to your intuitive self. Rest in the presence of God and wait patiently. Practice self-compassion by reminding yourself that it is normal to feel disconnected from time to time. Thank yourself for being still enough to recognize these feelings and remember that they will not last forever. They will pass and you will be connected again.

Peace and blessings,

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