Day 49


It is unlikely that you will live a life problem free, even after you’ve been renewed. Infact, I find that the more renewed and spiritually connected I become, the messier life gets. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

The fact of the matter is that when you choose to walk a spiritual path and live a spiritual life, you are choosing to take risks and you are choosing to live for something or someone other than yourself. This means that you are no longer self-consumed. While you may continue to put yourself first with regard to your self-care, you are living life with a different purpose. It is no longer to survive, but to matter to others.

This purpose makes us vulnerable and suseptible to rejection and hurt. This purpose opens us up to grief and change. And when we put ourselves out there, it doesn’t always go as we would like it to go. Sometimes it has the opposite outcome and everything comes crashing down. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. Sometimes they just get worse. Because people have the gift of free will, they have the freedom to let you in or they can shut you out. People will resist change due to fear.
As scary as that sounds, the blessing comes when you reach that one single person. The feeling you get when you have a positive impact on a single life makes the fears and risks we take worth every bit of discomfort we may endure. And the final outcome after the messes we make are what matter in the end.

Are you walking a spiritual path and taking risks or are you playing it safe?

For Today

Take a risk. Open your heart, mind and soul to others. Allow yourself to have an impact on one single person, whether it get messy or not. Remember that the final outcome will prevail in the end and all will make sense. And when you walk a spiritual path, God is with you and will protect lead you to where it is that He wants you to go.

Peace and blessings,

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