Day 46


Knowledge is incredibly powerful. I spend a lot of time during sessions teaching and educating clients about their struggles. I find that education can answer questions and help us to understand why or how something is done, which can relieve us from the pressure, guilt and shame that we may put on ourselves.

Education can also be harmful. Because we are human, our brains tend to file information a particular way in our brains. We label our information as “good” or “bad” and begin to create rules and expectations based on how we’ve labeled something. We begin to use language like “should” and “shouldn’t” instead of “could” or “couldn’t”. We internalize things and our information becomes very rigid; it becomes right or wrong or black and white.

Food is a prime example. We are taught scientific information about food and how it interacts with our body. We begin to label certain foods as “good” or “bad” and begin to have messages that we “should” or “shouldn’t” eat something. The education we were taught was meant to help us make positive, healthy decisions with regard to food. Instead, over time, it creates unhealthy thought patterns that we use to shame, bully, restrict and deprive ourselves leading to never-ending cycle of self-destruction.

Knowledge can be used to erase, old, unhealthy thought patterns, but it is first used to create them. What you intuitively know in the Spirit of your heart is far greater than what you are taught in this world.

For Today

Do not allow your knowledge to become a weapon of self-destruction. Instead, allow it to be one of the many tools in your toolbox that can assist you in making healthy decisions with regard to your body, mind and spirit. Take quiet time to reflect on your life. With every problem or situation, turn to the Spirit within your heart for guidance, not the knowledge in your head. Your inner wisdom is the most powerful tool in your box.

Peace and blessings,

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