Day 43


We live our lives either fighting for happiness or avoiding the pain of failed expectations; therefore we live our lives in survival. Living in a constant state of fight or flight is living in a constant state of stress.

Life is crazy! Let’s just face the hard core facts right now. We are living to survive this messed up, crazy world. We spend so much energy trying to survive that we end up missing the meaning and purpose of our existence. We struggle simply because our long term goal is to find happiness. We don’t understand that happiness is a feeling and feelings come and go. Just like our struggles, happiness will pass too. It is impossible to live happy and peaceful all of the time; therefore, living to find happiness just does not work. And if we live our lives expecting and seeking happiness all the time, then we are living to survive this messed up world.

I used to live my life this way. I had expectations of what my life needed to look and feel like in order to be happy. The kind of happiness I was seeking was the result of what I could get or what I could achieve. It was all about me. And in order to find true balance and fulfillment, I had to grieve that expectation and learn a new way of thinking about the purpose and meaning of life. I had to learn how to live with a different intention; an intention to give of myself instead of the intention of living to get for myself. It was then that I learned how to live my purpose. And I know that if you live your life with this kind of intention, then you will be blessed with more joy and happiness than you could ever imagine. You see, the happiness we all seek is the result of living our life purpose.

For Today

Don’t let survival become your purpose in this world. Let go of the expectations that you are here to find happiness. Understand that happiness is a state of mind; a feeling that will come and go. It’s when we live with intention of how we can make a difference in this world that our true purpose in life is revealed. And when we live our life with intention and purpose to put out rather than take in, then we are blessed far beyond what our human minds can imagine. True happiness comes from the blessings we receive when we live out our purpose.

Peace and blessings,

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