Day 39


I learned about the benefits of meditation in graduate school. I believe we briefly discussed meditation in one of my classes. We may have even tried it. Meditation was something we skimmed over, but something that always sparked my attention. Meditation is the act of focusing the brain on the here and now. It was something I was very interested in, but something I could not for the life of me do on my own. I was the queen or racing thoughts and to get my brain to slow down for more than one minute, was impossible.

When I was in my twenties and early thirties, I dabbled in meditation. I maybe made it through a few minutes. Even just a few minutes helped me to feel more peaceful. At the time, I preferred guided meditations where someone talked the entire time in the background. This helped to keep my brain focused.

Meditation is proven to be just as effective in reducing cortisol levels as an anti-anxiety prescription medication. It is also proven to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression over periods of time. Meditation is a practice that does not come easy for many. Infact, I’ve learned that I needed to start with only a few minutes at a time of meditation and build my way up to being able to complete a full class of meditation. There reason is because the brain is a muscle. Just like going to the gym to grow our muscles, strengthen and condition them, our brains also need to be strengthened and conditioned. Practicing meditation allows my brain to slow down, focus and stop racing.  Slowing and focusing the brain allows for us to hear what God wants us to hear.  It allows our brain to slow down so we can see what God wants us to see.

For Today

Take a moment to sit in quiet and meditate. It can be quiet, guided, include gentle movement of the body, or incorporate spiritual music. It can be all of the above. Start today with just a few minutes. Meditation strenthens the brain muscle and helps with focus and spiritual connection. Meditation allows us to stop and listen to our intuitive voice. Meditation allows us to hear answers to our prayers.  Allow yourself to experience the benefits today.

Peace and blessings,


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