Day 37


Take a moment to reflect on your story. Who are you? What was your life like growing up? What memories impacted who you are today, what you believe and what you expect of yourself and others? How do those expectations affect your life choices?
My story consists of a series of memories that start with my childhood and continue to the present. My story leads me to who I am today.
By writing out my life story I was able to identify my struggles. I was able to acknowledge where they came from and what I believed. I was able to be honest about things I’ve done and how those things impacted my life today. But most importantly, I was able to recognize that my story is in the past and is not happening now. Therefore, I no longer need to abuse myself like I did in the past.
My story has made me who I am today. I would not have the depth of knowledge and wisdom I have today if I did not know my story. I would not have come out of the mess I was in and I would not be sharing my hope and lessons with others if I did not know my story. My story brought me to my purposes in life.
Your story makes you who you are today. Your story is the storm you have to go through to find strength, courage, wisdom, and faith. Your story becomes your testimony to others. Your testimony to others is part of your purpose.

For Today

Do not let your past define who you are today, but allow it to help you to better understand who you want to be tomorrow. Let your story be a guide that leads you to make healthy changes in your life. Allow it to be a gift that uncovers truth. Do not let it be a burden that you need to carry. Allow your story to be your testimony of hope to others.

Peace and blessings,


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