Day 35


During our faith-building journey, we may experience a stage of bargaining where we experience a back and forth conversation in our minds regarding the existence and power God has in our lives. We have doubts and therefore bargain back and forth God’s presence and existence. We also experience moments where we acknowledge the existence of God and the awesome power He has and experience feelings of shame and guilt for ever doubting Him.

We all have struggles, no matter how strong our faith is. And we all bargain God’s existence and presence in our lives. During my faith-building journey I can remember bargaining a lot. And every time I doubted the existence of God, He would show me otherwise. And every time He showed me otherwise, I felt so ashamed and guilty for ever doubting Him in the first place.
I came to the realization that allowing God to work in my life takes time. God is not only working in me to change my situation, but He is also working on other people that He uses to change my circumstance. We are not always obedient, therefore, the outcome takes time.

Faith requires us to believe in something we cannot always rationalize or physically see.

For Today

We begin to bargain the existence of God in our lives when we don’t see an outcome to a situation happen as expected. But in time, we come to realize that God was working on our problem the whole time, it just required us to give Him time and see the situation through different eyes. Instead of thinking, “Maybe God isn’t real.” “If God is real, then this wouldn’t be happening.” “If God is real, then He would answer my prayers.” Try praying, “Please help me to understand your will in this situation and show me what to do. Give me the willingness to do it.”

Peace and blessings,

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