Day 34


During our faith building journey, we often struggle to understand God’s ways. When we begin to have a relationship with God, we start to question why things are the way they are. We question why the world is suffering and why evil things happen. I don’t know about you, but for me, the answers to those questions are complicated to understand. Because they are so difficult to process, some of us just avoid thinking about them altogether and don’t continue to explore the answers to our questions. Instead we become angry and resentful toward God.

It’s easier to be angry with God than to accept that we cannot understand His ways. It is easier to blame God than to look at ourselves and change the things God is showing us needs to be changed. And it is easier be resentful with God than to be patient and wait for answers.

One thing I learned during my faith building journey is that it is normal to feel angry from time to time in a relationship. I get angry with my husband if I feel that he has done something to hurt me. I get angry with my friend when I don’t understand her intentions. Just like those relationships, sometimes I get angry with God when I don’t understand what is happening and I cannot see clearly.

Anger, blame and resentment can be a normal part of a relationship. I firmly believe that God understands this. In order to grow in our relationships, we must grieve our perceptions, expectations and disappointments in the relationship. Anger is part of grieving and is therefore a necessary stage in building our faith in God.

It can be difficult to see God in our lives when we have an expectation of what that might look like.

For Today

We can easily become angry with God when we see a situation through our eyes based on our human perspective, rather through God’s eyes and His perspective. Instead of thinking, “Why is God allowing this to happen to me?” “Why isn’t He fixing it?” “God has abandoned me or won’t fix it for me.” Don’t be afraid to talk to God about your anger.  Try praying, “Please be patient with me, forgive me for being angry and grant me peace during this time. Help me to see this situation through Your eyes, not mine.”

Peace and blessings,

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