Day 31


My first encounter with God was in a private school and Catholic church growing up. I grew up learning many misconceptions about God and was not taught in my religion how to have a relationship with Him. I was, however, taught what to do and what not to do to earn His love. As I grew into a young adult I encountered many struggles which led me to explore my faith, my beliefs and my relationship with God. My first real encounter with a loving and forgiving God was in a 12 step program that I attended in my twenties. In program I learned how to admit powerlessness in my life without shame and guilt, have faith that God could restore and heal my unhealthy patterns and to submit and surrender my will to Him and live for His will instead of my own.

Once I began connecting and fully submitting to God, my life became blessed in more ways than I could ever dream of. I don’t know if He blesses me more today or if I can simply see them more. Being able to recognize His work in my life helped me to build my trust and faith in Him.

In order to fully heal from my old, destructive ways, I had to fully surrender and become dependent on God, not other people, places or things. I had to obey His will and leave behind my old patterns and ways. I had to let go of unhealthy people and connect with the ones He was guiding me to. I needed God to show me how to do these things by praying to Him, listening to Him and obeying Him.

For Today

Take some quiet time to reflect on your relationship with God. Are you talking to Him about your struggles? Are you asking Him to reveal His will for you? Are you submitting to His will or are you seeking your own desires and living for yourself instead? Ask Him to reveal His plan to you by talking with Him. Then take some quiet time to reflect and listen to His answers. Lastly, do it! Obey His will for you. You will be amazed at the outcome and the blessings He will pour out onto you.

Peace and blessings,

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