Day 29


We live in a people pleasing society where many of us are so afraid to say “no” or set limits with others. Many people in our society don’t know how to accept boundaries. We become easily offended if someone tells us “no” or tries to set a limit with us. We raise our children to follow directions, but we go overboard by teaching them to ignore their intuition, instincts and feelings by shaming them when they tell us “no” or try to communicate their boundaries to us. We live life with all or nothing thinking rather intuitively and instead of guiding our children, we tell them what to do, what not to do, how to feel, how not to feel, what to think and what not to think. We instill our boundaries on them instead of allowing them to establish their own.

As I began my journey with intuitive living I learned about the importance of healthy boundaries. More importantly, I learned about my boundaries. I learned what I needed in order to maintain balance. I learned how to listen to my mind, body and spirit and set limits with people around me. I learned to identify what I am okay with and what I am not okay with. I learned to identify with what I need from others and what I don’t need from others. I learned how to say “no” and ask for help. Most of all I learned not to take offense when someone got mad at me for setting a limit or boundary; I learned not to take their reaction personally.

Boundaries are necessary if we are going to live an intuitive life. Our intuition tells us when to set a boundary, but a boundary allows us to find and honor our true self and live out our purpose in life. Without boundaries, we will spend our time and energy pleasing others.

For Today

Take a moment to reflect on the boundaries in your life. Are you able to honor your body, mind and spirit in your relationships with others by setting healthy limits and boundaries? Do you take it personally when someone is trying to honor theirs by becoming offended and reacting negatively to their boundaries? Practice boundaries by saying “no” and asking for help. This communication is necessary if we are to live an intuitive life and begin living out our purpose.

Peace and blessings,

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