Day 28


In order to be successful with an intuitive living lifestyle, we must have a healthy support system. Healthy supports are positive and can help us to see the blessings in a situation, rather be people who can only see the negative. Healthy supports are able to provide a safe space and listening ear so we can explore our feelings without shame or judgement. Healthy supports offer to help and acknowledge the importance of self-care. Healthy supports foster spiritual growth and guidance.

One of the biggest challenges I face in life is relating to others and forming healthy relationships. Throughout my journey of healing and growth I’ve learned so much about relationships, particularly in the area of a support system. I guess I didn’t realize that parts of my support system were broken; parts of it were very unhealthy. I was surrounded by narcissistic people, negative people, selfish people, and people that were not able to communicate effectively. I chased after these relationships.  Throughout my journey I realized that most of my emotional eating was deeply triggered by these relationships.
As I grew healthier, my relationships changed. I learned how to both give and recieve in a relationship. I learned how to set and accept healthy boundaries in a relationship. And most importantly, I learned how to reach out for help. I stopped taking things so personally and became less defensive; therefore my need to numb my feelings, shut down or avoid the relationship changed.  I stopped chasing people who did not put effort into the relationship and I learned how to love people where they are in their journey instead of needing them to change to meet my needs.

For Today

Take a moment to assess your relationships and support systems. Are you in relationships where there is an equal amount of giving and recieving? Are you able to ask for help in your relationships? Do your relationships foster spiritual growth and positive energy? Do you leave your relationships feeling refreshed and at peace? Relationships should not be so difficult and you should not have to chase your friends. They can be work, but they should not feel draining. Healthy support systems provide comfort and fullfillment, leaving us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Peace and blessings,

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