Day 27


Acceptance means fully letting go of expectations in a situation and embracing it without trying to fix or change it. It is the final stage of the grief. A person can experience acceptance for a period of time, then regress back to previous stages of grief such as anger, bargaining or depression. There are many levels of acceptance within one situation.

I live my life seeking acceptance in every day. But in order to accept each day as being exactly as it is supposed to be, I grieve. I go through the stages of grief on a weekly basis and sometimes don’t even realize it. My mood fluctuates on a weekly basis because of this grief.

Self-compassion allows me to let go of my perfectionism and accept myself and others for who we are in this moment. Self-compassion allows me to let go of expectations. It allows me to let go of anger and resentment toward myself and others. It allows me to grieve people, places and things in my time. It allows me to do all of this without putting a label on myself and without trying to fix myself or change myself.

For Today

Allow yourself time to reflect and recognize your grief. Practice self-compassion by giving yourself a safe space to grieve. Talk to a friend who can listen without judgement. Write in a journal and wrestle through your feelings of grief. Educate yourself about grief and self-compassion. Set healthy boundaries and say “no” to things you don’t have the energy to do. Limit your time and energy on social media. Limit your time with toxic people, places and things. Take time to be with God in prayer and meditation. Pray for acceptance and peace. Get adequate amounts of sleep and eat well. Practicing self-compassion during times of grief will not only heal your grief, but will allow you to feel peace during the grief.

Peace and blessings,

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