Day 26

In order to find acceptance and let go of things that cause us stress, we must go through grief. The fourth stage in the grief process is sadness and depression. Depression is when a person experiences extreme bouts of sadness, anger, or irritability followed by feelings of hopelessness and discouragement.

Understanding grief allows me to have self-compassion during times of sadness and depression. When I feel sad or depressed about something I am able to ask myself if there is something I am grieving or need to let go of; some kind of expectation I need to release. Self-compassion allows me to take the time and space I need to work through the sadness. Self-compassion allows me to rest more often because when I am sad, I get tired more easily. Self-compassion allows me to talk about my feelings and express them without judging or labeling myself as “too sensitive” or “ridiculous” for feeling that way. Self-compassion allows me to go inward and take more time for myself during periods of sadness and depression. It gives me permission to say “no” to people places and things so I can give myself the space I need to grieve.

Take a moment to reflect on sadness and depression. Are you experiencing these feelings in your life today? If so, then ask yourself what it is that you are currently grieving. Is it a loss or change? Is it a disappointment or failed expectation of someone? Chances are the answer to these questions are yes.

For Today

Allow yourself time to grieve and experience the sadness. Be mindful of the things you are using to cope, numb or distract these feelings. Try sitting through the grief instead of numbing it. Take time to rest and go inward to be with yourself, allowing yourself to feel sad. Acknowledge that these feelings are healthy and part of the human process of grief. By learning how to have self-compassion, you will find it easier to move through your grief, instead of battling it and getting stuck. Grief becomes unhealthy only if we become stuck in our denial, anger, bargaining, shame, guilt, sadness or depression.

Peace and blessings,

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