Day 20


We say that all we want is peace and harmony in our lives, but we live feeding the chaos.

I know most of us are striving for peace and harmony in our lives. But we live in fear, always fighting the natural flow of things and trying to control the outcome. This fight for control is what leads to the chaos in the first place.

I’ve recently experienced two very similar situations where there was an opportunity to control the outcome. The first situation was fed by fear, ego pride and control. The outcome was disunity, discord, tension and chaos. The second situation was fed by faith, trust and surrender. The fear, ego and control was surrendered which allowed for peace and harmony to flow.

It is human nature to want to control something when we feel threatened by fear. Our natural instincts of fight, flight or freeze take over and we find ourselves in a power struggle with our own egos. Our pride kicks in and we think we need to control the situation. The situation becomes unbalanced and chaotic instead of peaceful and harmonic.

Allowing things to unravel by having faith and trust in the natural cycle and balance of life feeds a more peaceful and harmonic outcome. By letting go of expectation, we release the fears and allow for faith and trust.

For Today

Instead of feeding chaos with fear, ego, pride and control, let go of all expectations. This will allow the outcome to unravel naturally and will feed our souls peace and harmony.

Peace and blessings,

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