Day 18


When we find ourselves grumpy or irritable it is usually because we have some kind of expectation that is not being met.

I cherish my quiet time in the mornings and there is nothing that makes me more irritable and grouchy than being interupted or distracted during that time.

A couple of months ago we got a new puppy. I didn’t realize what an impact the puppy would have on my mornings. I had the expectation that I would still have my quiet time and it would remain the same. But to my dismay, our puppy wakes within seconds of me leaving the bedroom and begins to howl for me to bring him downstairs. He is wide awake and wants to play. The first few weeks of having him I was a very irritable person after waking because my precious mornings that I’ve had to myself for 14 years was gone.  Instead of feeling grateful for the gift of a new companion, I felt disappointed and resentful.

It wasn’t until I realized that the reason I was so irritable was because I had an expectation of what my mornings would look and feel like. And when my expectations were not met, I became disappointed. But once I let go of those expectations, things began to shift. I find the same is true with people. If I find myself irritable or grouchy about someone or something, then I usually have to reassess the expectation I have of that person, place or thing. Once I am able to identify my expectation and let it go, then I am able to release the disappointment and resentment that goes along with it.  I become free to see the blessings in front of me.

For Today

Our expectations are meant to protect us, but what they really do is set us up to feel disappointed and resentful. Take a moment to reflect on the people, places and things that unsettle you. Maybe it is a person in your life that you feel agitated with. Maybe it is the way you view yourself. Maybe it is your work environment. After you’ve identified what unsettles you and leaves you feeling agitated or irritable, ask yourself the following question: “What is my expectation of this person, place or thing?” It is very likely that you have some kind of expectation. Once you identify the expectations you have, free yourself by letting them go. Releasing our expectations frees us from irritability and agitation, allows us to see the blessings in front of us and leaves us feeling joyful and peaceful.

Peace and blessings,


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