Day 17


Everyday we are faced with problems and struggles. Sometimes they resolve quickly and sometimes they can take years.

My struggles with food and body image are something I still wrestle with today, but they are not something that control me today. Throughout my journey with an eating disorder I learned many things about myself. I learned that I lived my life in fear; I was hurting inside. I learned that I felt unworthy, rejected, and ashamed of who I was. I thought that if I could find better people, places and things that made me feel good that my pain would go away.

Therapy and self-help books helped to restore some of my negative thinking patterns, but I put my faith into those things for healing and in food for comfort. Therefore, I continued to struggle because I continued to see through my eyes of fear.   It wasn’t until I learned to surrender to Spirit that I truly began to see through spiritual eyes instead of human eyes and heal from all the things that surpressed my feelings and triggered my disordered thinking and behaviors.

What are you putting your faith into? Are you expecting people, places or things to make you feel better and heal your problems or are you allowing yourself to surrender to faith in Spirit and see through spiritual eyes?

When I put my faith in people, places or things, I can be easily disappointed leading me back to the food I used to comfort me in the first place. But when I put my faith in Spirit, then I can see through spiritual eyes rather than fearful ones.

For Today

Take a moment to reflect on your struggles. Who or what are you putting your faith into to heal or restore your problems? Putting faith into earthly things only leads to disappointment, but putting faith into Spirit allows for full surrender, healing and restoration from all struggles.  People, places and things are earthly and flawed, but God is heavenly and supernatural.

Peace and blessings,


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