Day 15


Often times we become consumed by fear and worry if we do not have complete control of a situation. But where does this need to control come from in the first place?

So many of us are sensitive to the world around us. We feel things others can’t feel. We can walk into a room and feel whether it is full of positive energy or negative energy. We can sense when someone near is hurting and we sometimes even intuitively know why. We can sense things before they even happen. While this is a tremendous gift, it can also feel like a curse.

Sensitive people live life feeling consumed by the energy around them. If the energy is positive, then they feel great. But if the energy is negative, then they feel stressed. This constant up and down and tendency to feed off the energy around us, can leave us feeling confused, depleted and exhausted.

So in turn we learn to avoid this cycle by trying to control our environment. We try to fix or control the people, places and things around us so we don’t have to feel the outcome of an explosion.  We never give the situation a chance to try to work itself out.

But what if we simply learned how to sit with the negative feelings that come when something explodes and doesn’t work out smoothly? Feelings are just feelings. Some feel good and some feel bad. But they cannot and will not kill us.

Are you living life consumed by fear and worry about what will happen if you don’t control it? Let’s face it, we do not have control in this world and we never will.

For Today

Take some time to identify your feelings today. What people, places and things cause you to feel good? What people, places and things cause you to feel bad? Don’t let your fear of feeling consume you. You don’t need to hide from them. You don’t need to fight them. You don’t need to fix them and you don’t need to control them.  All you need to do is feel them.

Peace and blessings,

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