Day 14


Often times we experience uncomfortable symptoms such as racing thoughts, restless sleep, labile moods, distraction and lack of focus or motivation. We immediately want to know what is wrong with us, so we seek to find labels or definitions that describe our symptoms and make sense of how we feel.

But what if our symptoms are the result of ignoring our spiritual gifts? What if the symptoms you just used to label yourself are really just the result of blocking your spiritual gifts needed to reignite your fire?

I encountered all of the above symptoms most of my life. Several years ago, I sought out a label to define me and relief to suppress those energies. That experience brought me to the present where I’ve learned to do the opposite.

You see, when you ignore that energy, you block your spiritual gifts. When you block your spiritual gifts, your fire gets dim. But instead of the fire going out, it seeks a way to gain your attention by creating symptoms so it can be let out; so it can breathe and grow stronger .

Instead of tapping into this energy, we’ve learned to view it as “bad.” We allow our fears of standing out, being different or going against cultural and societal norms to take over. We suppress it.

For Today

Instead of dimmimg your fire and ignoring the energy that is trying to come through your soul, try tapping into it. Acknowledge it, push aside your fears and insecurities and figure out how to ignite your fire and release your spiritual gifts. Maybe it’s through physical activity, quiet meditation, reading, writing, journaling, talking or through music. Our spiritual gifts ignite our fire. Our fire keeps our spiritual gifts alive and burning bright.

Peace and blessings,


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