Day 9


Often times people don’t practice self-care until they become desperate. It is easy to let the stresses of life build and come to a head before ever making the decision to practice an act of self-care.

I am a very organized person. Often times people come to my home or office and ask how I manage to keep them so tidy and clean. People tell me all the time they don’t have the time to keep their house in order like mine is. Infact, I just had a friend tell me that she thought I vacuumed every day. I laughed at her and told her that I clean my house and vacuum it once a week.

Her assumptions got me thinking about self-care. My home is in order and clean everyday because I keep up with it on a regular daily basis. While I don’t vacuum, wash my floors or change my sheets every day, I do specific things every day so that the work doesn’t build up and I don’t shut down. Once a week I have a day where I clean more thoroughly. This helps keep my home in order and balanced.

The same is true for taking care of my body, mind, and soul. I have little things I do each day to maintain balance, such as have food prepared for the week so I can eat healthy, exercise daily to keep my body and mind balanced and I read a daily devotional every day to keep my spirit balanced.   I practice restorative yoga and attend a women’s group, church service and spiritual study once a week.  Once a quarter I go on a mini retreat or vacation as a bigger cleansing. If we allow our stress to build up each day without doing something to maintain our balance, then we will crash and shut down.

For Today

Do not let your life become too unbalanced. When our life becomes too overwhelming, our brain shuts down and we are more likely to do nothing. In addition to making self-care a priority, it must also become a regular practice. Do at least one thing each day to maintain the balance of your body, mind and soul.  Engage in at least one activity each week to maintain this balance.  And consider going on a vacation or spiritual day/weekend retreat once a quarter.

Peace and blessings,


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