Day 3

This world is full of darkness.  Every time I turn on the news it’s there; a world full of evil and crime, mass shootings of innocent people, death and destruction. I turn it off and cry, then ask why?  Why is there so much hatred? Why is there so much evil?  Why do people want to hurt one another?  I cry, then I get down on my knees and pray for our world.

Today I am reminded “It is easy to pray, “fix this world” but hard to pray, “use me.” -Bo Chancey

I believe we were given this life not only as a precious gift to enjoy, but to be part of it.  We each have unique gifts that we were born with; gifts that are meant to help restore our world.  Instead of using these gifts, we cower down to fear and/or temptation of earthly things that don’t matter; things that distract us from using our gifts.  We fear people, places and things and because of that fear and insecurity we choose to do nothing.  What if the answer to our prayer, “fix the world”, is for each one of us to embrace our unique gifts and “use” them to help restore a broken world?

For Today

Instead of praying for the world to be restored, pray for your eyes to be open to see the unique gifts you possess that can be used to help restore the world and for fear and insecurity to be replaced with faith and obedience.

Peace and blessings,

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