Day 1

We don’t always understand the big picture in life. And sometimes life is just downright painful. I believe there is a natural flow that will evolve if we allow it, even in the midst of chaos and pain. And although we cannot understand the big picture, we can still experience an indescribable peace if we let go and allow things to unravel. We may experience uncomfortable emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt or shame, but understand that those feelings are human and a natural part of the grief process. We don’t just experience grief with death. We experience grief with life too. In order to accept the things we cannot understand, we must allow ourselves to grieve and feel the human emotions that complete the process. Judging that process will only keep us stuck.

For Today

Allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to grieve. Do not judge yourself. Be kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself.

Peace and blessings,

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