Day 6

Do you ever feel your mind racing and racing with all the things in life you have to do and you don’t know how to shut it off? We live in a very busy culture.  We are always doing something and if we aren’t, then we get bored. Few people take the time to sit in quiet.

Throughout my journey of physical, emotional  and spiritual healing I learned how to do this.  I got to a place in my life where the busyness of life and the expectations I put on myself sent me crashing to the ground.  During that time of my life, I had no choice but to learn how to sit in quiet.  My body, mind and spirit were incredibly unbalanced.  Through prayer, meditation and yoga I learned how to reground myself.  By regrounding myself, the racing stopped and I was able to follow through and carry out my goals and intentions better.

Learning these practices did not happen over night.  I fought them for months.  I could only sit for two minutes of quiet, I was easily distracted with all the things I had to do or places I had to be; life was just too busy to take the time for myself.  But isn’t that exactly why we need that time for ourselves?

In order to fully heal and maintain a balance, one must make self-care a priority.

I had to choose to put these practices into my day, into my week and even into my calendar just like I put my work, my kids activities and all the other things that are important to me.

For Today

Take a moment to reflect on the busyness of your life.  Are you feeling unbalanced or ungrounded? If so, what practices help you to get regrounded?  Make them a priority today by implementing them into your calendar.  It doesn’t have to be all at once or hours a day.  It can be one thing a week and just a few minutes at a time until you feel completely full again. Self-care is a choice. Choose to make self-care a priority today.

Peace and blessings,

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