Day 5

It’s funny how we have no problem trying to change others, but when it comes to changing ourselves and fixing our defects, we either can’t see it, avoid it or resist the change as much as we can.

I spent the majority of my life trying to change the people around me. Infact, I think I entered relationships where there was an opportunity to “fix”, help or change the other person. I learned the hard way that I have no control over other people. I also learned about “blind spots.” We all have them. I may be able to see what needs “fixing” in someone else, but just because I can see their issues, doesn’t mean they can. I’ve learned that in time, their eyes will become open and their “blind spots” revealed. By trying to control everyone around me, I actually prohibit the process of change.

By letting go of trying to “fix” and change others, MY “blind spots” are revealed and I am forced to change things about myself. And as I work on myself, the “blind spots” in others are in turn revealed to them.

For Today

Be aware of the “blind spots” in others, but don’t take it upon yourself to “fix” or change them. Doing this will only prohibit the process of growth. Instead, focus on how you can love and accept that person exactly how they are in the present moment. In time, their “blind spots” will be revealed.

Peace and blessings,

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